Sunday, July 27, 2008

What washes ashore Part 3: Seabeans

This is my botany post.
There are really neat things that wash ashore too. Have you heard of a seabean? I hadn't until I arrived here. They're cool
though. Numerous plants produce seeds that float down rivers, or fall into, the ocean and float around until they wash up on shore. (Note: some "seabeans" are actually not seeds. Some are bark, toys, or thorns. Yet, they show up on shores all over.) Let's start with one that you know, the coconut. It's a really big seabean. Here's a sprouting coconut (I may show you in another post how the water in the coconut at this stage is a lot like styrofoam, but sweeter). One of my favorite seabeans, is called the Hamburger. Look at them! Aren't they cool! So tempting. These "beans" float long distances before they finally wash up on the beaches.

Of course other things wash up with the seabeans. Here are two common, man-made seabeans.

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