Thursday, July 31, 2008

Under the Dock Part 2: Anthony the Anemone

Yeah. I know. This naming of random animals is getting ridiculous (it is Anthony, however, due to Anemones belonging to the Class Anthozoa--right, biology students?). Since local fish celebrities, Barry and Bob, have names, why not give one to our local anemone? I'd hate to have vertebrate bias. It makes sense that on a site called the "Cnido-site Discharge" that I include some Cnidarians that have Cnidocytes. If your brain and the internet browser work correctly, this moving image of Anthony should create a feel of 3-Dimensions (see "Sun and Stars"). Once again your brain is very cool. We generally assume that we need two eyes to see in stereo (see depth--i.e., in 3D), but movement gives your brain information about depth that it can integrate into a 3D image.

In case the moving version is making you ill. I'm a bit woozy from it myself. Here's a color anaglyph which allows you to see the arms coming at you without all the bloody moving around. You'll have to find your 3D glasses for this one. I sent out about 70 pairs of them this past Christmas, so hopefully some of you can find a pair. Do you remember how this type of 3D tricks your brain?

Anthony the Anemone

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Kevin Zelnio said...

Hi, surfed over here from surf.bird.scribble. I can't believe I haven't known about this blog before! From one cnidarian-lover to another.

Looking forward to more posts.