Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Hey former biology students! There's a new hydrogen sulfide news release. You should have found it on your own, but in case you didn't here it is. This whole hydrogen sulfide things is just crazy!

We're going out to look for crocs again tonight. We didn't have much luck catching the big one behind our place last night.


Amanda Hangge said...

Thanks for posting the website...Unfortunately I am not keeping up with reading my "daily dose of science" from Science Daily (I need to get right back into that)...I think it was awesome to be able to listen to Dr. Mark Roth and I look forward to following their results in the near future! Good luck with catching the croc!

Amanda Hangge

Laurie said...

Very interesting articles on the H2S research. What a powerful tool that would be in treating critically ill patients. I hope that such treatment proves safe and effective for humans. (And 8 foot croc-that must have been a fight!)