Monday, July 21, 2008

What Washes Ashore Part 2: What the Beaches Get

OK. I stole the idea for the title from a t-shirt that I saw on Half Moon Caye, "I've got what the beaches want." I thought it was very funny.
What the beaches get in many cases is trash--lots and lots of trash. Here's a nice sample that got tossed. This doesn't look like a healthy urine sample. The specific gravity is through the roof. Blackwater fever, perhaps? (Look it up.....I'll wait). Urine cups, syringes and such are certainly disgusting, but the amount of plastic on the beach was absurd. Here's a video showing a few FEET of beach. Note that this was not an anomalous portion of beach. Much of the beach was loaded with litter at these levels.

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Anonymous said...

The Ocean Conservancy does a world wide beach clean up every year. The link below is to their report from last year, it's both shocking, sad, and infuriating. It might be interesting for you students so see how bad this problem is world wide:

(it’s a PDF so it takes a minute to load)