Tuesday, July 15, 2008

John, Molly and the Blue Hole (again)

I don't have much time for posting at the moment, but I wanted to share a few photos and give a little update before I become a tourist for a few days on the mainland. I've spent the last four days with a super fun couple from Denver, John and Molly. John is a semi-retired high school AP chemistry teacher who's golf game has improved since he shattered his arm falling off of a roof. Molly is a world-traveling former-special-education teacher turned administrator, who has only 4 years before she can play, play, play. I've had a great time getting to know the couple. They are so well-read and excited about learning that we've sat around talking for hours and hours each day. Today we all went to the Blue Hole together to snorkel. I think that it is a much better snorkel than it was a dive. Here are a couple of pictures from my trip. The soft corals around the Blue Hole are absolutely amazing.

The Edge of the Blue Hole

I love these feather duster worms (toward the bottom). I think that John may love them too.

Some of you know how I feel about Anemones.

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