Friday, July 25, 2008

Palming your Brain

I'm going to play with your brain a bit. First, I have a stereo photo for you to look at which can trick your brain into seeing in 3D, then I have a couple of links to really cool videos that show how easy it can be to trick us into seeing things. Try them out. I think that you'll find them interesting!
After playing with some pics from Half Moon Caye, I came up with this (the first one that I tried) stereo image for 3D buffs out there. I don't like what the animated GIF (see previous 3D image posting -- sun and star) or the anaglyph (blue and red glasses) did to the photo so I'm leaving it set up for mirror viewing, which is my favorite method. Many of you know how to do this already, so get to it. Granted this isn't a wild image or terribly superb stereo (now you really want to look at it don't you?), but it does have a reasonable 3D effect. If you have a mirror, then follow the instructions outlined in this picture that I found on the web to view this image (Yeah, that's how lazy I am going to be --as lazy as a 3-toed sloth in an EZ chair -- that simile is for the folks that understand why I'm trying to use simile.) Come on. Do you really have anything better to do? Learning this technique will be one more skill to add to your resume. Note for those who care: I actually took this image without any beam-splitting devices. This is pure, free-form, hand-held, stereo sweetness that's as easy as pie to do with any camera.

Good, Grasshopper. Now watch this video and then watch it again. Maybe you got it the first time, but I was totally fooled until I watched the second time. Next, watch a few of these short (seconds long) videos. Play the video and let it loop. The two images are different from one another. Can you find the differences? THEN, toggle between the two images slowly. NOW do you see the differences? Is your brain as dumb as mine? Click here to read a little article about this stuff. I love how our brain can be tricked.

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Laurie said...

Very cool-I like the 3-D image, thats the first time I've done the mirror method. The change videos really do mess with your mind-the twenty dollar bill really had me going for a minute there...I guess your brain is on sensory overload with all the other details in the picture.