Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I spent 5 days in the wilderness of the Everglades over Thanksgiving. It's a long story and it will take many posts to discuss it all, but it didn't go as planned and a few problems have left my left hand numb. I'm not sure if or when I'll have feeling again in it. You should know a few things about the Everglades: 1) It's really big and takes a long time to get from point to point in a canoe and 2) It's different than you might think. A large portion of the Everglades is sedge grass (more on this later). I didn't expect to see what looks like a prairie underwater, but it's a huge part of the park. Here's a panorama of this portion of the park. Run your mouse left or right on it to see the whole picture. As you can see, my buddy Joe Loveland made this little application for me, so that I could show this picture. Thanks Joe! (Typing this is odd since I can't feel what my left hand is typing!)