Thursday, November 20, 2008

Donating Blood Part 2: My Turn -- Entering the Prickly Zone

One of my first blog posts was about a group of poor PSU students donating blood. This time it was my turn. A crack team was assembled. Our mission: approach a top-secret key (I called them cayes when in Belize --they're pronounced Key and it's just an island, OK?), penetrate the fringing mangroves, and infiltrate the prickly zone. Why? Good question. What's a prickly zone? Also a good question. You'll have to wait for the answers. However, I was able to smuggle out some footage of our team entering the site. This is exclusive footage. You cannot find it anywhere else. (note: I had to record a guitar track for the clip to cover any classified communication in the stream.)

This post will self-destruct in.........

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