Saturday, October 4, 2008

Swimming and Drowning....

Today I spent the day working on my Rescue Diver certification. It's not for professional rescuers, but is instruction on how to rescue your dive buddies or yourself. It makes me realize that diving by myself sure removes a lot of the stress of dealing with other drowning people. I had to save a freaked-out, drowning victim in all kinds of different scenarios above and below the water. In the final scenario for today, I had to manage two distressed divers and one had decompression sickness. It has been very useful. Tomorrow I'm going to attempt a swim to the neighboring island, Klein Bonaire. I hope to make it there and back with only swim goggles. I'll try to blog a bit about it next week sometime. I have a number of blogs that are still in the works, but electricity has been a bit hard to come by due to stormy and cloudy weather.

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