Sunday, October 12, 2008

Keeping Your Kids in the Yard

Are your kids running wild? Are they getting out into the street? Do you need a better way to keep them safe from harm? How about a brand new Cactus Fence?!? Keep your goats and kids off of the roads and on your property. This type of fence is the traditional fence of goat farmers (herders? raisers?) in Bonaire. I have a feeling that it can be quite effective.
But of course, since it's a quirky local thing, the hotels want to get in on it and build massive cactus fenced areas. There are a lot of cacti around here, but not that many. Fortunately, those plans have been stopped. So if you want to see a cactus fence, leave your hotel and travel around Bonaire. The fences can be seen all over the place. Stop in at Washington/Slagbaai Park and you'll see plenty!

1 comment:

Jouke said...

A fence like that looks for effective than an expensive security system... And you don't even have to water it!