Monday, June 9, 2008

Oh, yeah....the title

Hopefully the biologist out there will get the Cnido-site "joke." If you don't get it, then read about coral for a little while. You probably should read about coral anyway or look up nematocyst.


K. Mo. said...

Sweet! I still have my login information!

Bring on the Blog!! :)

K. Mo. said...

Just for the record, I totally get the joke and think it's clever.

Surprised? :)

Travis said...

I got the joke, and I had to explain it to my brother after I laughed a bit. I think you have to be a bio major, or a former bio major to find it funny though, because he didn't laugh at it.

Laurie said...

I finally read up on cnidarians and can fully appreciate the title. It's very cute. Here is a poem that was inspired by my studies...

I once believed the anemone
wouldn't even hurt a flea
So sweet and innocent they look
'til they stick you with a poison hook!

Laurie said...
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