Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Arriving in Bonaire

Six airports and 27+ hours later, I arrived in Bonaire on September 16th. Since my arrival I have been spending most of my time getting ready to begin the process of coral reef monitoring. I now have a huge keyring with keys to various parks and gates, etc. For much of the night last night, I was the only person in the NW portion of the island (Washington, Slagbaai National Park). This is where I am staying.
Things are looking pretty good so far here. I'll be diving alone a lot doing AGRRA surveys of the reefs. I may do a night dive tonight because there should be some coral spawning this evening. I've had some interesting meetings so far, but I'll have to wait for another time to write more. I hope to be in the water soon and have some pictures to share.

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